Qualifications and Structure of Program

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Qualifications and Structure of Program

Researchers must commit to assistance program for at least 3 consecutive months.

Room and board is not included in the base rate. However, ERA will work to provide you with the best available lodging options. In addition, many of our students receive grants to fund their expenses.

Is your thesis not related to Middle Eastern Studies? ERA also accepts students specializing in topics outside of the scope of the Arab West Report database, such as medicine, law, or economics. We can tailor our program specifically to meet your needs. A reduced rate is available for those studying such topics, since you will likely not need our assistance in procuring interviews, database access, or on-site consultancy. Please send an email to the address below for additional information.

European assistance:

You can invite Drs. Cornelis Hulsman, founder and Editor-in-chief of Arab-West Report and academic network coordinator of the Arab-West Foundation to speak about this program. Travel and speaking costs will need to be calculated. Contact him at: [email protected]