AWF in the Netherlands

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AWF in the Netherlands Cornelis 'Kees' Hulsman the Netherlands. Hulsman’s family returned in 2010 for reason of education of the children back to the Netherlands while Hulsman remained involved with work in Egypt. For this reason he travels much between Egypt and The Netherlands and is available for lectures and courses about the relations between Muslims and Christians, Islam, Christian traditions in Egypt, Arab-West relations and other subjects you can find on Arab West Report.

Kees Hulsman, directeur van de Arab-West Foundation, is na 15 jaar werken in Egypte sinds september 2009 weer terug in Nederland, en kan gevraagd worden voor lezingen en cursussen over de verhoudingen tussen Moslims en Christenen, Islam, Christelijke tradities in Egypte, Arabische wereld en het Westen en andere hieronder genoemde onderwerpen.